Beit Ahavah In The News

The Daily Hampshire Gazette, 9/10/18, “Reform synagogue welcomes all-comers for New Year – Open doors are a vital aspect of the synagogue’s mission. “We encourage anyone who’s curious… and would like to come along,” Lauri Meade said.   

Valley Advocate, 2/09/18. “Western Mass Dreamers & Jewish Community Rally“- Rabbi Raquel “Riqi” Kosovske of Beit Ahavah, the reform synagogue of Greater Northampton, told a crowd of more than 100 people during a frigid Feb.8 rally on the front steps on Northampton City Hall that the Jewish community in the Pioneer Valley stands with undocumented immigrants.

  • The Massachusetts Jewish Ledger, 12/14/12: “Beit Ahavah to unveil Solar Ner Tamid” – Read the story of Beit Ahavah’s innovative Solar Battery-Operated Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) on our portable Ark, the dedication and the URJ Incubator Grant.
  • University of Chicago Law School, 3/1/10: “Transgender and Intersex in Jewish Law” – Hear the panel discussion that includes the talk by Rabbi Riqi Kosovske and Jennifer Levi, titled “A Category unto its Own: Ancient Rabbinic Taxonomy of Six Gender Identities and Challenges to Binary Gender Rules.”