HaDrachim ~ Young Adult Havurah

HaDrachim (“the ways”) is a discussion-based Havurah for young adults (20s-30s) in the Jewish community to come together, talk, study, laugh, discuss, and figure our their Judaism(s) outside the context of services.¬†We prioritize curiosity over mastery, vulnerability over performance, and believe that we are all constantly learning new ways to live our Judaisms.

Each month, we meet for a “content meeting” to explore an aspect of Jewish life/culture/identity/history that we are interested in learning more about, such as kashrut (kosher law), Jewish farming, specific ritual objects, social change work, mysticism, keeping Shabbat, Mussar (Jewish ethics), etc. We also hold a second, more informal meeting each month to either follow-up on the month’s topic, hold a Shabbat dinner, have a movie night, or just spend time together!

We strive to make this group and space as accessible as possible, no matter your degree of Jewish experience/literacy. There is space for all of our varied backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities. Our approach is open, humble, trans-denominational, and non-judgmental.

Please reach out to Alec Reitz, Connector (alreitz15@gmail.com, beitahavah@gmail.com) if you are interested in joining!

Generous funding from Harold Grinspoon Foundation Havurah Initiative.