Fair Dues System

Dues at Beit Ahavah

Beit Ahavah switched to a voluntary dues structure so that financial considerations will not be an obstacle for synagogue membership.  We are committed to welcoming all community members, regardless of ability to pay, and no one will ever be turned away due to lack of funds. 

Instead of the synagogue Board determining your contribution (and members requesting an abatement when needed), the Board established a fair share system about six years ago, which determines what the synagogue needs to exist, with a suggested range of dues or gifts of the heart, while asking you to determine your capability and means to support the synagogue’s growth. This new system is an attempt to welcome everyone while providing complete transparency as to the synagogue’s finances, and to encourage members to make a dues commitment that reflects your ability and what is needed to sustain and grow Beit Ahavah.

Your investment in Beit Ahavah provides fundamental support and engenders aspirations for yourself and others to maintain, be part of and develop a spiritual home and community for those seeking progressive and Reform Judaism in the Pioneer Valley.

Financial support of our members is so important at all levels, as it is a vital part of operating and program costs of the community year-round.  Additional necessary support is sought through generous donors, grants, donations and creative fundraising.  We therefore ask that you consider making the most significant payments you can.  Members who feel they can afford more are encouraged to do so to make Sponsor Support contributions or pledges above the basic levels.  Dues payments and contributions to Beit Ahavah are tax-deductible.

Fair Share Dues FAQ

How do I determine my dues commitment? 

Dues are a gift of the heart (“nadiv lev”) from each member as well as part of our communal responsibility (“tzedakah”). Typically dues increase every year, so please review your dues from last year if you are already a member, and consider the importance of an increase. As expected, Beit Ahavah’s expenses continue to increase. The dues ranges are based on a sense of minimum reasonable amount on the one hand and a figure that will ensure Beit Ahavah’s continued growth on the other. If you are able to give beyond the range, please indicate that on your form or the online form. This also deeply helps Beit Ahavah since not everyone is in a position to contribute at higher levels. Every dues amount is significant and appreciated.

How much money does Beit Ahavah need to meet our financial goals?

Projected expenses for the coming fiscal year 2022-23 total nearly $180,000. Expenses include remuneration for our Rabbi, teachers, specialists, office manager; rent, professional services, insurance, internet; programming, events, supplies.

I might only attend a few events each year/I come all the time. Should this be a factor in my dues?

Think of dues as a way of supporting Beit Ahavah and progressive Judaism in all the value generated for the entire congregation, Jewish community, next generation, world and future.  Fair share dues support the ongoing operating expenses needed all year round associated with making our synagogue, functions and our Rabbi available to all our congregants for joyous events (simchahs) as well as hard times, and committed to excellence despite being a small congregation. Especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highly engaged and working hard as Rabbi Riqi, Board members and lay leaders apply all of our creativity to new situations to ensure support for community members and for our Beit Ahavah Jewish community to thrive.

Please click here to join Beit Ahavah online. (This is a new and short form designed to simplify the process.)
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Please contact a Board member or Rabbi Riqi Kosovske at 413-587-3770 or info@beitahavah.org with questions or for more information. Welcome!