Rabbi Riqi Kosovske (she/her)


Temple Administrator / Membership Engagement Coordinator Claire Trivax (she/her)

RUACH Teacher Lev Fein

Executive Committee

Andy Morris-Friedman (he/him)

Vice President
Peter Nabut (he/him)

Morris Lainer (he/him)

Abigail GP (she/her)

Members of Board of Directors

Maegan Bergeron-Clearwood (she/they)
Anne Bussler, Immediate Past President (she/her)
Becky Slitt (she/her)

Committee Contacts

Please contact us if you are interested in planting, leading, joining, or forming a committee or project!

Adult Learning & Culture
Anne Bussler
Andy Morris-Friedman

High Holydays
Anne Bussler
Geoff Friedman

Chesed/Caring Committee
Rachel Goldberg
Heather Deirdre
Diane Kelly

Membership Engagement Committee
Peter Nabut

Finance Committee
Morris Lainer

Prayer & Practice
Becky Slitt

Tot Shabbat
Lois Peirent, Anne Bussler

Tzedek Tzedek/Social Justice
Michele Morris-Friedman
Sandy Wright

HaDrachim/Young Adult Havurah
Alec Reitz

BA Queeries Havurah
Maegan Bergeron-Clearwood, Abigail GP

YOFIE Youth & Families Involved in Education
Emily Dunn