Tzedek Tzedek / Social Justice

The Tzedek Tzedek Committee is charged with putting into action the principle of Tikkun Olam, Healing the World, which is an essential value of the Beit Ahavah community. We provide opportunities for our members to work toward social justice and to help others in the greater community, often linking with like minded groups outside of Beit Ahavah.

In 2015, the committee organized a food drive during High Holidays and sponsored a very special Shabbat service on January 30 about health needs in Haiti.  

The Committee is also working with other local faith communities.  On November 3, 2014, representatives from a large number of Pioneer Valley faith communities joined together to talk about social justice concerns and initiatives so that we could begin a joint conversation about tikkun olam, repairing the world. Concerns as varied as climate change, food justice, gun violence, Haiti and homelessness were raised.

We are actively seeking new members to join our group!

Please contact us by email by clicking this link: or by phone at 413-409-2602.