Water Filters for Puerto Rico

Give the Gift of Water for Puerto Rico

Make a donation to our interfaith LifeStraw Water Filters Mission-Tzedakah, and download colorful holiday GIFT CERTIFICATES for those you love — we have gift certificates below that celebrate Passover, Easter, and the season of Spring, so there’s something for everyone.

Thank you for spreading the light!

Send checks made out to “Florence Congregational Church” (memo line: LifeStraw), 130 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062, and include a note if in honor of someone for a gift.  Each LifeStraw Family water filter costs $50. Thank you!

If you’re looking for a perfect holiday, birthday, anniversary or thank you gift this year, consider giving the gift of water by making a donation to Puerto Rico in a friend or loved one’s name. You’ll both receive personalized thank you letters from Rabbi Riqi and Pastor Irv, and can feel good about contributing to a meaningful cause!  Scroll to bottom for more information on the project.


Download the certificate by clicking here: Water is Life Passover Gift Certificate

Download the certificate by clicking here: Water is Life Spring Gift Certificate

Download the certificate by clicking here: Water is Life Easter Gift Certificate

In September, Rabbi Riqi Kosovske of Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue & Pastor Irv Gammon of Florence Congregational Church  teamed up to sponsor an urgent mission-tzedakah project to assist the residents of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria’s recent devastation, by sending “LifeStraw Family Water Filters” and life supplies to Puerto Rico.

Each LifeStraw filter can give 18,000 liters (4775 gallons) of clean, drinkable water to a group of people or family.  We have arranged with folks on the island in Puerto Rico including through the Jewish community and others to receive, demonstrate and distribute water filters, and who have expressed the need for the filters and gratitude for our show of solidarity. To date, people are still suffering, getting sick and even dying from lack of clean water there.

As of April, 2018, we have raised over $70,000!  This is an astounding testament to the desire of our community at large to help and make a difference.  Donations have streamed in (like water!) since the launch of our project on Yom Kippur.

Donations have come from YOU:  individuals, families, adults, kids, schools, classrooms, organizations, Jewish, Christian, Quaker, all faiths; donations just because, and donations in honor or memory of someone.

Flights and transportion have been pro-bono or sponsored by Pilot Ophneal of Jet Blue, Holyoke Health Center, and other private groups of citizens and mission groups heading to the island. Volunteers from Beit Ahavah and FCC have stickers, packed, bagged and transported duffel bags around the northeast to get to these flights.
Please continue to GIVE GENEROUSLY to sponsor family water filters. They cost  $50 each each after our significant markdown discount from the company.

Checks can be made out to “FLORENCE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH” (memo line “Water Filters PR” and/or “in honor of…”), and mailed or dropped off to us at 130 Pine Street, Florence, MA 01062.

To find out more about the campaign visit our Facebook event page: Facebook.com/lifestraw

Learn more about LifeStraw family water filters here: Lifestraw.com/familywaterfilter