Rosh Hashanah 5781~2020

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High Holydays Giving

To give is a profoundly spiritual act. In this season of teshuvah and tzedakah — return and righteous giving — we return to our Divine roots.

All High Holyday experiences are free for Beit Ahavah members and open to the public, friends, family and guests. While contributions are not required, we appreciate all levels of contributions from community members, so we can continue to be here in unprecedented times to nourish the temple of the soul and heal the world (tikkun olam). Thank you for your generosity.

Volunteer Opportunities – “Holy Schleppers”

Wanting to be more involved with High Holyday services and events this year? Click here for a spreadsheet of available opportunities to be a Beit Ahavah Holy Schlepper!

High Holyday Honors

We are excited for embracing these High Holydays with our great Jewish creativity — for community, meaning and joy in these times. Click here for an invitation to participate during services and events.