Speak Out Against Hate and Bigotry and For Love and Peace

Beit Ahavah is co-sponsoring a community event this Saturday evening, February 28, to bring people together in the wake of recent events of anti-semitism and racism in Northampton.  The “Speak Out Against Hate and Bigotry and For Love and Peace Event” is hosted by the Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue, Congregation B’nai Israel, the Pioneer Valley Progressive Muslims and other local organizations.  As reported in the Gazette, the event comes in response to the burning of an Israeli flag in front of the Congregation B’nai Israel last August and vandalism incidents in which two juveniles scrawled anti-Semitic and racist remarks along Sherman Avenue in January.

Beit Ahavah member Jennifer Levi said about the event:  “I don’t believe there’s been enough of a public statement condemning these acts of racism and hatred…We hope this event will unify our statement that we are not the type of community that condones this type of bigotry.”

The event will begin with a traditional Jewish Havdalah celebration followed by a series of songs and talks addressing the importance of educating against hatred. Local clergy members will lead the event, but everyone who attends will be encouraged to speak up.

We hope to see you there.