The Joys of a Small Congregation:

  • We Have a Sense of Family
  • We Have a Sense of Tenacity
  • We Have a Sense of Involvement
  • We Have a Sense of Personal Responsibility to the Congregation
  • We Have a Sense of Tolerance
  • We Have a Sense of Humor
  • We Have a Sense of Intimacy with our Rabbi
  • We Have a Sense of Continuity
  • We Have a Sense of Community

And we do it with all the enthusiasm and energy we can summon.

Adapted from Being a Small Congregation is Different
By Mary Hofmann Congregation Etz Chaim, Merced, CA

Related Thoughts from Beit Ahavah Members:

“I didn’t even know how much Beit Ahavah meant to me until my mother died. Rabbi Riqi was right by my side when I needed her. Then, a huge number of congregants showed up for the shiva at my house – too many to comfortably fit in my house! I feel so supported by the Beit Ahavah community and now I want to give back.”

“Beit Ahavah is my spiritual home where I am able to lean on my multi-faith community both in good times and hard times.  In these troubled political times BA has been especially meaningful as one of the few places that I feel safe and held.”

“I have been involved with Beit Ahavah since the very beginning.  What drew me to it, and keeps me a part of it, is the feeling of being an integral part of a Jewish community that accepts and values all ways of being Jewish, including a commitment to social justice.”