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Passover Chocolate Fundraiser!

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Chocolate Bars Sold

Beit Ahavah is partnering with Equal Exchange and T’ruah for a major fundraiser. Our goal? 1,000 chocolate bars sold. We need your help to make it happen!

Equal Exchange fair trade chocolate is produced under standards that prohibit the use of forced labor and help to prevent modern day slavery. As the first night of Passover (April 8) swiftly approaches, we remember the time of the Hebrew enslavement in Mitzrayim, and hold in our hearts the need to act to reduce the suffering of those who are not yet free.

We are offering six different kinds of chocolate bars, all of which are fair trade, Kosher for Passover (and year-round), organic, vegan, and gluten-free:

  • Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71% Cacao)
  • Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate (80% Cacao)
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper (55% Cacao)
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch (67% Cacao)
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Almond (55% Cacao)
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Orange (65% Cacao)

About 50% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to support Beit Ahavah, so please share widely! In addition to being a great addition to your Seder plate and Passover, this delicious chocolate is:

  • A tangible way to practice tikkun olam, the healing of the world
  • Supports ethical working conditions for cocoa laborers
  • Supports sustainable farming practices
  • A wonderful gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, special occasions, Chocolate Appreciation Day (hint: that’s every day) and all year round
  • A thoughtful and appropriate gift for Seder hosts!

This fundraiser is organized by Karen Adelman (Treasurer), Geoff Friedman (Tzedek Tzedek committee), and Becca Herskovitz (Board Member).

The deadline to order is Weds, March 11, 2020!

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Rabbi Riqi’s 10 Year Anniversary! 

View Rabbi Riqi’s 10-Year Anniversary Tribute Book, May 12, 2017.
Mazel tov and thank you for your generous support!

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    • The Daily Hampshire Gazette, 10/29/18, “Crowds Join Vigil in Northampton in honor of 11 slain at Pittsburgh Synagogue”  – On Monday evening, well over a hundred people including the mayor walked a mile with candles in hand from the Unitarian Society downtown to join over 600 at Congregation B’nai Israel in a community vigil gathering of standing room only led by Rabbi Riqi Kosovske and Rabbi Justin David in response to the anti-Semitic killing of 11 people at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. 
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