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The Joys of a Small Congregation:

  • We Have a Sense of Family
  • We Have a Sense of Tenacity
  • We Have a Sense of Involvement
  • We Have a Sense of Personal Responsibility to the Congregation
  • We Have a Sense of Tolerance
  • We Have a Sense of Humor
  • We Have a Sense of Intimacy with our Rabbi
  • We Have a Sense of Continuity
  • We Have a Sense of Community

And we do it with all the enthusiasm and energy we can summon.

Adapted from Being a Small Congregation is Different
By Mary Hofmann Congregation Etz Chaim, Merced, CA

Related Thoughts from Beit Ahavah Members:

“I didn’t even know how much Beit Ahavah meant to me until my mother died. Rabbi Riqi was right by my side when I needed her. Then, a huge number of congregants showed up for the shiva at my house – too many to comfortably fit in my house! I feel so supported by the Beit Ahavah community and now I want to give back.”

“Beit Ahavah is my spiritual home where I am able to lean on my multi-faith community both in good times and hard times.  In these troubled political times BA has been especially meaningful as one of the few places that I feel safe and held.”

“I have been involved with Beit Ahavah since the very beginning.  What drew me to it, and keeps me a part of it, is the feeling of being an integral part of a Jewish community that accepts and values all ways of being Jewish, including a commitment to social justice.”




Klara Grape Memorial Music Fund Kabbalat Shabbat with special guests Mak’hela

Friday, March 17, 2017, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Mak’hela, whose name means “chorus” in Hebrew, seeks to build bridges through
the universal language of music. The 30-voice chorus draws its repertoire from all
facets of the Jewish world, including songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino.
Led by Music Director Dr. Elaine Broad Ginsberg and accompanied by Jamie
Goodnow, the group includes members from all over the Pioneer Valley and
performs throughout New England.

Long-time Beit Ahavah member Klara Grape joined Mak’hela in its very first
season and remained a dedicated member of the chorus for well over a decade.
She especially enjoyed participating in the Zimriyah International Choral Festival
in Jerusalem. Both Mak’hela and Beit Ahavah are honored to salute Klara’s
legacy and the Music Fund that bears her name.

Please join us for this special service – the first of several musical events Beit
Ahavah will provide with the support of Klara’s Jewish legacy: The Klara
Grape Memorial Music Fund.   Klara’s fund is an outgrowth of her strong
commitment to the Create A Jewish Legacy program of the Jewish
Endowment Foundation.  Scroll down on the Beit Ahavah
Homepage for details on how to donate
to the fund.